Meshkam Distribution was instituted as a South African based automotive company in 2008 focusing on quality parts in South Africa and across boarder countries by establishing relationships with a number of transporting companies,corporate's and suppliers. Meshkam Distribution is able to offer a variet of automotive and earthmoving parts and accessories,we believe that Meshkam Distribution can enhance the values of the automotive industry. The inception of propose companies also inhibits the ideology of creating a format for recruiting and grooming our countries automotive industry. The ultimate goal for the organisation is aimed at creating a benchmark in the automotive industry.Meshkam Distribution has a vision of serving our customer's to the highest standards. this has resulted in ceration of value added relationship with some of the well known companies in South Africa 

Meshkam Distribution has been formed with the primart objective of servicing the automotive and earthmoving industry in South Africa and across our borders, ensuring the highest standards of service and product delivery. Our services and products aim not only to the corporate and transport sector but also to the average walk in client, by carefully selecting our product we are confident that our product and services are well suited to South Africa. Its is our mission , not only to form a business partnership but to form a lasting relationship with our clients. At Meshkam Distribution we are taking a different approach towards servicing our clients need in supplying automotive parts and earthmoving equipment.

We are......
"taking care of business"


Meshkam Distribution was established with the inception and ideologies of two primary members: Preggie Govender,Seelen Govender in 2008. These members are highly experienced in the automotive industry for over 10 years. The companies founding members share similar traits and passion for the vision and mission of Meshkam Distribution

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